Day 2 : Stob Coire nan Lochan (almost)

With today’s forecast featuring 100mph winds and rain coming in from the North, we drove down to Glencoe hoping to make the most of the day before the conditions got too bad. Rob’s choice of route was to head up to Coire nan Lochan, ¬†between two of the ‘Three Sisters of Glencoe’. This valley lies parallel to the more famous “Hidden Valley” where the MacDonald clan reputedly used to hide rustled Campbell cattle. It’s a long and steep walk-in but with a well maintained path for a good part of the way.

As we reached the corrie proper the rain started to come down, and we put on crampons (and waterproofs) and headed onto the ridge towards the summit. The summit ridge is rocky and awkward to walk while wearing crampons, so we stopped before the summit and headed back into the corrie to look at making snow bollards and ice axe belays. The snow was definitely wetter than yesterday, and the rain and rising temperatures could make things interesting tomorrow.

The rain continued all the way back to the cars (so few photos) and we headed to the Clachaig Inn for Hot Chocolates, beers and an opportunity to dry out a bit before the journey back to Fort William.

I now have five pairs of gloves drying out…



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  1. A little pain and misery to compensate for that ‘not quite cricket’ trip up in a gondola yesterday! Apart from the hot chocolate, I can recommend a ‘Green Chaud’- Hot chocolate with a serious dose of green chartreuse.

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