About me…

My name’s Roddy, and I spend my days glued to computer screens as a Software Engineer.

I’m pretty new to hill-walking, having started in earnest in 2009. I love wild, remote places and a lot of my walking is solo. I used to be scared witless by heights, but now enjoy ‘gentle’ scrambling without too much exposure. I live with my wonderful and tolerant wife and daughter in the Shropshire countryside –  ideally placed for trips to the hills anywhere in Wales.

Why a blog?

I’ve often written trip reports as emails, or posted on forums,  but this wasn’t really the best way for others (and myself) to keep track of where I’ve been, and what I’m doing. A blog seems a better way of keeping this stuff in one place.

Why “…but no idea”?

As my experience of the outdoors increases, I’ve found I want to explore it in different ways: Scrambling, wild camping… And at each point, I find the gear decisions I’d made previously don’t match my new requirements. All the gear, but no idea…

Hillwalking, and other frivolous pastimes