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Provisional Welsh CROW mapping

Natural Resources Wales has just published new Provisional Open Access maps for Wales, following the first review in the ten years since the CROW act came into force. Some bits of good news – The Whimble, a delectable pointy hill on the edge of the Radnor Forest, and the RAC Boulders below Dyffryn Mymbwr will become access land.

NFU Wales are inevitably up in arms about it, obviously of the opinion that we should pay them their subsidies and keep our noses out of their legal business of buggering up the environment with wooly lawnmowers.

Still time for appeals, and to visit the few places that may be removed from the map!


Ordnance Survey HD mapping

When you’re using maps (digital or otherwise) , the quality of the underlying information is all-important. For LandRanger and Explorer digital mapping, the OS has always provided data at a resolution of 254 DPI (Dots Per Inch : with 254 DPI, one ‘dot’ equals 5 metres on the ground). This is fine for most uses, but the shortcomings of this comparatively low resolution are apparent in a number of places. Continue reading Ordnance Survey HD mapping